We do that by making lots of really cool and useful things, and we do it with passion, caring, responsibility, and bags of enthusiasm.

Two brothers on a mission to save the world - welcome to the Vulkan Bros.
We are driven by a desire to create great product experiences that help make a better world.

We always look for ways we can be planet-friendly; if it's renewable, sustainable, and ecological, we're into it - everything we do is about sticking to an ethos that's socially and environmentally responsible.

We look for partners, technologies, resources, even new research that's just emerging, to find the right 'feel good' way to do things.

We have made a purposeful decision to eliminate plastics much as possible (even so-called 'bio-degradable' plastics) from our products. Everything we make is crafted from sustainably-sourced materials including recyclable metals, glass, bamboo, hemp and cork (see Our Materials below).

We want to help create a safer, cleaner, and greener planet for us all and the generations to come to enjoy. We want to help bring people together. We want to help make life easier (it’s already complicated enough!). We care about you, and helping improve your life. We’re bold, energetic, and BIG dreamers! And we’re playful, fun-loving, and want to encourage everyone to feel the same.

We’re a ‘feel good’ company, so we do things that make people feel that way.
We are Vulkan.

Wherever possible, we use 100% natural organic, sustainable or recycled materials for our products.

As we continue to grow, we're investing more and more in our own production - including growing our own crop resources.

Sustainable materials cost and take more time to make, but we see this as time and money well spent. Especially when it helps lower our carbon footprint.

We ensure that the materials we do use are biodegradable, recyclable, and don't consume as much water or any harmful chemicals as conventional materials, and that they are grown and harvested ethically. This also reduces waste going to landfill.

Plastics are a big no-no; we're eliminating it as much as we can from our entire supply chain, and replacing it with natural alternatives. Our go-to choices are eco-friendly organic and recycled bamboo, hemp, and cotton, and glass and metals.

Both hemp and bamboo grow fast, without chemicals and with little water. Both also have great hypoallegenic and thermal properties, and are super soft and skin-friendly when woven into fabrics. Bamboo has the added benefit of being used as a plywood or as fibers, and is very strong and durable.

We try to use as little packaging as possible to save on resources, conserve energy and minimise waste.

All of our packaing is organic and recycled. We'd really appreciate it if you recycled packaging again too. Better yet, perhaps you can find another use for it rather than throw it away - have a look here for some inspiration.

We do encourage our partners and suppliers to use eco-friendly and minimalist packaging too (but of couse we don't have any control over that) - so don't be surprised if your package from us arrives in little more than a lightweight cardbaord envelope - it's supposed to!