Feel Good, Feel Safe
We want to encourage a feel good vibe; part of that is helping people who smoke to quit, either completely or by using alternatives to cigarette/tobacco. Vaping is a great way to help stop smoking, and provides a much safer alternative.

Our Mechanical (Mech) Mods are high-end vaping devices that provide for a unique and superior vaping experience. However, they are designed for use by experienced vapers, and not for those new to vaping.

Mechanical Mods, also known as (unregulated) tube mods are devices that lack the circuitry or safety protection normally found in e-cigarettes or regulated mods. They consist only of a metal tube (into which you insert a battery), and a switch for powering the device on and off (ours features a safety locking switch).

This means that you need to take extra care when using ours, or any other unregulated device. Below we outline some of the important safety precautions you need to consider when using such device which we urge you to read carefully - we cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage to any persons or property as a result of using our devices.

Battery safety is a critical part of vaping on any device. Many of the faults related to Mech Mod use generally arise from problems with batteries. Using damaged batteries, or using them incorrectly can lead to electrical shorting, overheating, device mis-firing, and in very rare and extreme cases causing batteries to ignite or explode.

We strongly encourage users to check batteries for any damage (denting or chipping), dirt or rust. Check battery wraps are intact (make sure your battery has a protective wrap!).

Always insert batteries into your device in the correct direction as defined by the device manufacturer. All devices should be accompnied with instructions of using batteries - if yours doesn't, contact the manufacturer BEFORE attempting to use the device.

Keep batteries charged, but do not over-charge them. There's a risk in using batteries that have been discharged passed their threshold, as well as those that have been over charged. Typically, you want your batteries to charge up to 4.2 volts and use it until the voltage has dropped to around 3.3 volts. Invest in a quality multimeter so that you can ensure that your batteries are within a safe range at all times.

Buy good quality and reliable batteries. Mech Mods cannot detect when a battery is weak. Try to buy batteries with high amp limits - we recommend the iJoy, LG HG2, Samsung 25r, and Sony VTC4 and VTC5.

Always store batteries safely! When not in use, put your batteries in a sleeve, box, or other safety container - never carry batteries around in your pocket, bag or purse.

Coils are the heating element in a vaping device. They are found in the Atomiser (RDA,RTA,TANK) that sits on top of a Mod. The atomiser will contain a pin that creates a contact with the battery when the switch is pressed. This produces a current that heats the coils to a temperature sufficient enough to vaporise e-liquid. The biggest difference between a regulated and unregualted device is regulated devices contain a chip between the battery and the coils that protect the user from over-discharging and short-circuiting the device. The chip will normally detect issues with the device before they happen and shut it down before any damage can ocurr.

There is a critical relationship between the coils resistance (the measure of electric current flow - measured in Ohms) and the power output of batteries. You need to ensure that your coils are drawing the correct amount of power from your batteries. This is a bit of a complex issue (hence not for beginners), and we suggest brushing up on your Ohms Law - plenty of info if you Google it - before attempting to use a Mech.

General Tips
- Always lock your Mech Mod (or remove the battery and store safely) when not in use.
- Ensure sufficient airflow; don't block any of the vent holes on your Mod.
- Check for Short Circuits; a Mech Mod will not stop firing even at 0 Ohms, always check atomiser compatibility.
- Check for knockoffs; our devices are thoroughly quality checked and tested, a cheap imitation won't be. Inspect immediately to ensure it's genuine - check the switch threads, stray metal, dents or nicks, rust etc.
- Keep your device clean. Regularly clean your Mod both inside and out.
- Dispose of batteries safely, generally at your local vape store or recycling centre.

Following these simple guideline will help ensure you have a safe and happy vaping experience. We're always here to help so if you have any questions about our devices, vaping safety, or vaping in general, please do get in touch.